Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 6

When I walk to the Giraffes I sometimes see my favorite Mandrill gal. She likes to sit in the window and put her little hand on the glass, and it's oh so cute. Sorry about the glare!
Week 6: 7/1 – 7/5
Monday (7/1):
  • Giraffe Observations (9 – 11 am)
  • Giraffe Observations (1 – 3 pm)
  • Seminar time with Nancy
    • Learned about ethics and authorship for published papers
    • Some was review and some was new information for me, such as authorship
 Tuesday (7/2):
  • Necropsy
    • Assisted the Vet department of the Zoo with a necropsy procedure
    • An exotic animal Vet's job can be very complicated since there isn't a lot of data available on many of the species that live at the Zoo. Necropsy is helpful in learning more about each specific species' anatomy in order to help achieve optimal health and care of exotic animals. 
    • This experience really demonstrated to me another face of the complex care spectrum that takes place at the Zoo! 
  • Giraffe Observations (1 – 3 pm) 
Wednesday (7/3):
  • Watched Ocelot video
    • Examining video recording to determine the activity budget of the ocelots to learn more about their behaviors 
  • Giraffe Observations (11 – 1 pm)
  • Behind the Scenes Lemurs
    • We toured the Lemur holding and learned about their care and nutrition. It was very interesting because I never knew that Lemurs had Iron intake problems. The keepers have to be very careful about the foods that the Lemurs get because they cannot have a lot of Iron of they get iron deposits in the GI tract. 
    • The keeper performed a training session for us with Iggy. His reward was some yummy craisins and he did a grrrrrreat job!
    • She then let all the lemurs come and we got to meet all of them. My favorite was Hydrox and that’s because if you put your hand next to the fence, palm up, he would reach out and just gently grasp and hold your hand. His little fingers were so cute and his hand was so soft and gentle. I really cannot describe how cute and “Aw” worthy this experience was. We also got to give Hydrox some scratches which was also adorable.
  • Giraffe Observations (3 – 5 pm)
Thursday (7/4):
Arrived at the Train station early and ready to go because there was NO ONE on the road. Quickly realized the train wasn’t running because the parking lot was EMPTY. So I had to drive but since everyone was off work it only took me about 40 minutes to get there compared to the usual 1- 1 and ½ hrs driving.
  • Giraffe Observations (9 – 11 am)
  • Staff Fourth of July BBQ
    • A yummy bbq cookout for staff of the Zoo… hot dogs and hamburgers and delicious desserts!
  • Giraffe Observations (1 – 3 pm)
  • Independent Activities
    • Ocelot video, researching internships for the Fall!
Friday (7/5):
  • Giraffe Observations (9 – 11 am)
    • Mixed species day! The Elephants and Giraffe got a lot wonderfully :)
  • Giraffe Observations (1 – 3 pm)
    • My last observation was in the Giraffe Barn so I got to stay and watch the keeper train Katie. I hadn’t seen Giraffe training before and it was adorable, for example the keeper wiggles her finger and says “tongue” and the giraffe will extend its tongue out toward the keepers finger.
  • SNO CONES :)
    • This time I got mandarin and peach. It was scrumptious and very refreshing after being out in the heat! 
End of Week Tidbits:

I keep seeing these stick bug things smushed on my walk from the Conservation trailer to the Zoo entrance. There is always a big one, with a small one attached to the torso. It's my own personal mystery!

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